The Glass Factory Directory of North America and U.S. Factbook

The Glass Factory Directory, published each year, lists each of the glass manufacturing locations in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Each listing gives the plant address, telephone number, fax number, the name of a contact person and a brief list provided to us by the company of the products they make.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Glass (FAQ)

Glass companies are listed in the Glass Factory Directory without charge. We do not list glass artists or studios. The Directory is published by LJV Inc., dba Glass Factory Directory and the National Glass Budget. Our costs are paid by advertising sales and sales of the Directory.

Glass Product categories

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FAQ Answers to your most frequently asked questions about buying glass:
  • Most glass factories sell directly only in very large quantities, usually 50,000 items or more. Glass items produced in North America are usually available in smaller quantities from distributors.
  • We do not recommend specific glass manufacturers or glass distributors for any product.
  • We do not always know who made a specific item you may have, as it may be marked with a trademark with which we are not familiar.
  • We specialize in North American manufacturers, and do not have information on manufacturers in other parts of the world.

We can consider questions not addressed by these guidelines. Email us or call us: (516) 481-2188.

Directory Data on Disk

The Glass Factory Directory is available in electronic form at a premium over the price of a printed directory. Mailing labels are also available, and sorts from the product categories above.

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Sample listings

Listings are in state and country order.

Pressed and Blown Glass, one-plant operation:

Gillinder Bros., Inc., Erie and Liberty Sts., Box 1007, Port Jervis, NY, 12771, USA (845) 856-5375; FAX (845) 858-2687: URL:, email: info@ Charles E. Gillinder, Pres.; Susan H. Gillinder, Sec. & Treas.; Duncan Brown, Sls. Mgr. Hand pressed glass; indus. & comm., tempered, decorated, etched. Crystal, opal, borosilicate, colors.

Containers and Hollow Ware

Ardaugh Group, 443 South East Ave., Box 400, Bridgeton, NJ, 08302, USA (856) 455-2000; FAX (856) 455-3491; URL:; David J. Leone, V.P. Sls.; H. Cusano, Contr.; Susan Garrison, Sls. 1 continuous furnace. General line of glass containers.

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